Awards allow the flexibility to assign varying payroll categories to staff. Each award rate (weekday, weekend or public holiday) makes up an award group. In turn, each award group can be assigned to staff members. (E.g.: Casual staff can be assigned to a Casual Award Group, same goes for Part-Time etc).

Note: Naming conventions may vary from organisation to organisation.

Creating an Award

You can create award groups based on staff qualifications, work rate (casual, part-time, full-time etc), or any category suitable to your staff and organisation's requirements.

To create an Award navigate to the main menu and select the Awards tab. Under awards, select Award Groups.

Selecting the Award Groups tab will open the award list page. Located on the bottom right of the page is the New Award Group option. Select this to create a new award group.

After selecting New Award Group you'll be required to allocate an award group name.

Once you've created your new award group you can begin adding awards. Awards are the specific rate that will be assigned to each staff member.

To begin adding awards first select the Show button located on the far right of the award group name.

This will bring up the award list with a default award already available. Start by editing the default award by selecting the Edit option located next to the award.

Award Group: You can select an award group from the drop-down menu. However, when adding an award, the group you're adding it to will already be displayed in the drop-down menu bar.

Name: This is associated with the rate that will be applied to the award group.

Effective Date: The commencement date allocated for the rate to be applied

Day of Week: Weekdays, Weekends and Public Holidays. Allocate the days at which the award will be applied.

Xero Pay Item:

Assigning Award Groups to Staff

To apply a new Award Group to a member of Staff you will need to edit their details. Open the staff member's profile and select Edit. When the staff details page is displayed, navigate to Award Info at the bottom of the page. From the drop-down menu select the appropriate Award group.

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