Allowances allow you to pay additional rates to Staff for shifts such as a first aid qualification (in which a mileage, expense, oncall etc may be implemented) or where you want to pay Staff costs for meals etc.

Allowances can also be allocated based on the type of service being performed (E.g.: a Sleepover shift will have a Sleepover allowance allocated).

Allocating Allowances

Allowances can only be allocated from the shift/program information page. This page can be accessed whilst generating a shift/program or editing a shift/program.

On the shift/program information page select the allowance from the drop-down menu.

Allocating Allowances for Shift Types

Allowances can be allocated for specific shift types, however this is dependant upon your organisation's workflow. In the example below, we use Sleepover as a shift type along with it's corresponding Sleepover allowance.

Shift Type can selected from the drop-down menu:

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