Allowances allow you to pay additional rate/different rate to Staff for a Shift, this might apply for a Shift that requires special skills such as a first aid qualification or where you want to pay Staff costs for meals. 

Setting-Up Allowances

To set up an Allowance, navigate via the left-hand-menu, clicking on Awards > Allowances > New

Provide all of the relevant details:

Name: Provide a meaningful name to the Allowance so you will easily remember

Payroll Code: Enter a code that relates to your payroll system

Permanent: Tick this checkbox to attach it directly to Staff e.g. First Aid Certificate could be a permanent allowance for a Staff member if they have the correct certification

Unit: From the drop-down menu choose whether it is a single, one-off item, a cost to be applied to each Shift in the Program or a payment based on the Kilometres travelled

External: If you are connecting to an external platform such as a payroll system (e.g. MYOB) enter the relevant category ID

Value: This can be used in an external platform for reporting purposes for example in a payroll system if you wanted to display within the line item pertaining to the Allowance that the payment was for 8 items you could set the Value to be 8

Tip! Don't forget to click on the Save button.


The categories relating to each allowance is known as a Unit. 

Km is a mileage allowance. If you want to pay your staff mileage attach this allowance.

Override Award: This enables overriding of an already existing award if the pay rate for the allocated shift differs to the existing award rate.

Override Hours: Allows staff daily limit to be overridden to allow for on-call, sleepover, excursions etc. The number of hours should be inputted in to the value section.

Program Cost: Refers to the cost of running the program.

One-off: If you wish to pay staff for a one-off shift attach this allowance.

Allowances paid in addition to award payments. They appear as a separate line item in the Timesheet report (accessed via the left-hand menu Reports > Timesheet Report), as shown below.

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